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Council forms

  • Application for entry of names in the register of electors

    [PDF, 59KB]

  • Certificate of Political Affiliation

    [PDF, 331KB]

  • Customer Complaints Form

    [PDF, 1172KB]

  • Form LE1A Statutory Declaration by Assentors to Nomination of Certain Candidates at Local Elections

    [PDF, 100KB]

  • Freedom of Information - Request for access to records

    [PDF, 346KB]

  • Nomination paper for local elections

    [PDF, 304KB]

  • PV1 - Application for entry in the postal voters list for persons with a physical illness or a physical disability

    [PDF, 167KB]

  • PV2 - Application for entry in the postal voters list - Unable to vote due to occupation

    [PDF, 153KB]

  • PV4 - Employment of returning officers

    [PDF, 143KB]

  • RFA1 - Claim for correction in draft register of electors

    [PDF, 139KB]

  • RFA2 - Application for inclusion in supplement to 2019/2020 register of electors

    [PDF, 139KB]

  • RFA3 - Application for inclusion in the supplement to the 2017/2018 register of electors (Change of address)

    [PDF, 136KB]

  • RFA5 - Application for inclusion in the Supplement to the Register of Electors by a person already registered who becomes an Irish citizen

    [PDF, 145KB]

  • RFA5 - Change of Citizenship

    [PDF, 48KB]

  • RFB - Registration of Garda Síochána as postal voters

    [PDF, 193KB]

  • RFC - Registration as electors - Defence Forces

    [PDF, 200KB]

  • Scéim Deontais na Gaeilge 2017 - Irish Grants Scheme 2017

    [PDF, 151KB]

  • SV1 - Application for entry in the special voters list

    [PDF, 207KB]

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