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Apply for a motor tax refund

You can apply for a motor tax refund in certain circumstances. This guide explains how to apply. 

How to apply for a refund of motor tax

  1. Before you begin

    Check to make sure you're able to apply

    In order to apply for a motor tax refund you must be the registered owner of the vehicle. In addition, there must be at least three unexpired whole calendar months left on the disc when you hand it in. This rule applies regardless of the reason for the refund.

    You can only apply for a motor tax refund for specific reasons. These reasons apply to the owner of the vehicle: 

    • The vehicle was scrapped/destroyed
    • The vehicle was sent permanently out of the state
    • The vehicle was stolen and you did not recover it
    • The vehicle was not used in a public place at any time since the disc was issued
    • You have stopped using the vehicle as a result of illness, injury or other physical disability
    • You have stopped using the vehicle because you were absent from the state for business or educational reasons  
    • You have stopped using the vehicle because you were serving overseas with the Irish Defence Forces 
  2. Get the forms

    You need to complete two forms - RF120 and a bank details form as we refund directly to your bank account.    

    You can also obtain the forms at the motor taxation office in Clare County Council. 

  3. Get proof of your reason for applying for a refund

    You will need to show evidence of your reason for applying for a refund. The following are examples:

    • A certificate of destruction from an authorised treatment facility
    • Confirmation from the Gardai that the vehicle was stolen
    • Export confirmation document
    • A medical certificate for the entire remaining period of the disc
    • Confirmation from a college, employer or the Irish Defence Forces confirming your absence from the state.
  4. Complete the form and bring it to your local Garda station

    A Garda signs and stamps the form.

  5. Go to the Motor Taxation office

    Bring your completed forms (form RF120 and the bank details form), your tax disc and proof of your reason for applying for a refund to the Ennis Motor Tax Office. 


Motor Tax Office Ennis
Clare County Council
Áras Contae an Chláir
New Road
Co. Clare
V95 DXP2
(065) 6844661
Fax: (065) 6828233
Opening hours
  • Monday - Friday: 9:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. We are open through lunch.
  • Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed
More details and map


How we calculate the refund

We calculate a refund from the first of the month after the month when you hand in the disc.

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Page last reviewed: 10/01/18