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Repair and leasing scheme

Are you an owner of a property (vacant for 1 year or more) in a town or village in the county and looking to lease?

Clare County Council hereby invites you to lease your property. 

A new Repair and Leasing scheme is in place for properties deemed suitable which will guarantee you a lease rent without any capital outlay to your dwelling. 

Why let your property to Clare County Council?

  • Upgrade your property at no capital outlay
  • Guaranteed rent 
  • No loss of rent during vacant periods
  • No collection of rent or finding a new tenant
  • No dealing with tenants or routine maintenance
  • No advertising costs

How do I make a proposal to Clare County Council?

If you own a property in a town or village and are interested in leasing your property under the scheme you  can obtain full details by contacting the Housing Department at New Road, Ennis, email the following address or call using the following telephone number:

Frequently Asked Questions

See the Frequently asked questions under Related Documents below. 

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Page last reviewed: 06/04/17

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