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Housing grants

Please note that there is currently  restricted acceptance of applications as a 12 month waiting list is being dealt with.

Conditions for acceptance

The conditions for acceptance are based on emergency medical necessary works and emergency structural issues affecting the property of the applicant.

  • Photographic evidence will be beneficial for applications to be considered for acceptance.
  • Medicals reports and letters of endorsement from Health care Professionals

Types of works

The types of works grant aided under the schemes include:

  • Re-roofing: Applicants applying to carry out roof repairs/replacement will be required to submit with their application, written confirmation from their insurance company that such repairs are not covered by their existing insurance policy.
  • Re-wiring: Applicants applying to carry out rewiring must enclose with their application, written confirmation from a qualified electrician stating the condition of the existing wiring.
  • The provision of central heating, water and sanitary services (where none exists)
  • Repairs to/replacement of windows and doors: grant aid will only be provided in exceptional circumstances
  • Dry-lining only
  • Grab-rails
  • Access ramps
  • Level access showers 
  • Other: Any other repair or improvement works which in the opinion of the council are considered reasonably necessary.

Central Heating: There is no grant available under this scheme for upgrading an existing central heating system. These grants are available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland at 1850 927000.  

Documentation required

Please ensure that the following documentation is included in the application for grant aid as all incomplete applications will be returned:

  • Fully completed application form
  • Evidence of household income from all sources
  • 2 written itemised quotations detailing the cost of the proposed work
  • Evidence of compliance with local property tax
  • Evidence of home ownership

Incomplete and non-emergency applications will be returned.

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